Coverage Area & Services

As a Doula, my primary focus is YOU & YOUR FAMILY!  I want to be there at a moment's notice, either by phone or in person.  This is why I limit my coverage area to about 50 miles from Reedsburg.  This covers most if not all of Sauk, Juneau, Richland, and Adams counties.  

I offer in-person Traditional Doula Services

If you or someone you know is pregnant and might qualify for the J.A.R.S Doula Program please apply here

A brief description of the services are list below

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

  • Phone, Email, and Messaging Support

  • Up to 2 prenatal visits

  • Available 24/7

  • On-call for you starting at 38 weeks

  • Stay up to 2 hours postpartum to make sure your comfortable

  • 1 Postnatal visit if wanted

  • 10 Photos unedited of your birth

  • There for you and YOUR family

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