Why Choose a Midwife for pregnancy

This is a big questions for a lot of people. Who do you choose to be your provider for during pregnancy. I have a belief that you as the mom know whats best for you and your family. You may want to have a midwife or a family medicine provider or an Obsectrics provider. Either of those are fine for you! I am writing this to talk to those that are on the fence about choosing a Midwife.

So choosing someone to be in apart of your pregnancy is a BIG deal. Make sure you are comfortable with this person as you will be seeing them a lot during pregnancy. I will say from working with a Midwife they tend to take their time with you. No rushing you in and out the door. They will be with you to make sure you are comfortable. They answer your questions the best that they can and make sure you are heard for your concerns or fears. A midwife wants to be sure you are empowered for your birth. Now I am not saying that other providers are not this as well. I am speaking about midwives in general here.

A lot of patients state that they felt that the their midwife "listened to them and their concerns". Most of what I hear is that the midwife is supportive and are more understanding to your wishes. Having listened to some of the conversations between patients and midwives, it is amazing to see hwo they present things. There is no pressure to choose this or that. They want the patient to be informed and make the decision that is best for them. Having someone that is open minded and willing to listen is a huge deal during birth.

One thing that I have seen is that they try to let mom find their own labor and birthing rhythm. They work with you. Let your body take control and do what it needs to do. You need to be up right, ok lets try that. You want to be on your side, ok lets try that. Having someone who listens to you and your wishes and feels similar in the way you do is a great asset for your birth.

Now I have also seen providers who are very similar in a midwife. I am writing this based on recent experiences from births with a midwife present and not a provider. Once I have more experience with other providers I will write about being at a birth with them.


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