So you found out your pregnant? Now what?

Lets talk about the beginning part of pregnancy. I know it can be intimidating. Some people feel like they need to see a provider for prenatal care right away after getting pregnant, while others want to wait awhile. The biggest thing I feel is make sure you do get prenatal care.

So you miss your period and now you took a test at home and its positive. YAY! You can always go see a provider to confirm it and to discuss some options. Now we are not going to discuss abortion, adoption, and all that jazz. I don't have an opinion on these matters, I just am speaking towards the pregnancy part of it. The provider and you can decide what kind of care you are looking for with your pregnancy. Some people want someone very hands on while others don't want that at all. Different pregnancies warrant different type of care. Not everyone is the same and thats ok!

Most providers want to see you between 10-12 weeks for your first prenatal appointment. It can be earlier if you need some extra support. This is all based on your preference and what your provider prefers.

Now what kind of symptoms? You can google for days on symptoms of pregnancy and remedies for them. There are lots of information out there about these. Everyone has their own opinion on what works and what doesn't work for each symptom as well. Check with your provider on suggestions if you don't know what to do. They will also discuss any medications you are on and if they are safe during pregnancy. Sometimes the benefits out weigh the risks. These are for you and your provider to discuss.

When should you look for a doula if you want one? As soon as possible honestly. Then they can get you on their calendar as soon as possible. Doulas only take so many clients per month and if you want that doula then you want to be sure they can book you. Your provider will probably have information to let you know of any doulas that they know of. You can always ask their thoughts and see if it works into what you want for your birth.

Well I hope this has been helpful for the beginning of pregnancy! Next we will be talking about Ultrasounds :)

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