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How many of us try to balance Work life, family life, friend life? It is so much to balance it all. This week we did a little bit of a staycation. We did some of our local touristy things. Also just enjoyed being home and not having an agenda that has to get done.

So we live close to the Wisconsin Dells, TONS of tourist things to do. Some are worth and other are a dud. We did the Deer Park and I will say it was worth it. So you pay to get into the park and to have fun to feed the deer. They literally follow you along the fence and some are out in the open and walk through your path and deer poop LOL Travis had a hard time with this one. He did step in a TON.

The deer were so friendly and were so cute to see them up close and personal. They are fed well there I will say. We also got to see Goats, chickens, horses, lemurs, and peacocks. I feel like I'm missing something but thats ok. It was so much fun to go to. If you have little ones. They will love it too. I loved watching my kids feed the deer and get so excited as they came over to us.

We also went to Devils lake and did a huge hike, well not huge but it was a hike and it was steep and my boys are way to brave. They kept wanting to go out on the edge of the bolders. It was very hard for me to watch. I am not exactly in shape LOL. But I made it to the top and it was GORGEOUS!!! Such a beautiful view. I highly recommend this state park. I would say go early because it gets packed quick on those nice days. So my boys were STARVING the whole time. Mind you we ate before me left and were going to eat once we got done and we took water with it. We kept joking that we would never make it anywhere because their stomachs would make us stop before anything else. I swear little boys have a hollow leg. I'm not exagerating in the least. They are constantly starving or eating. Well I hope you all have a lovely week! Let me know if you want to hear about anything specific.

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