5 Ways to afford a Doula

One thing I have been asked is how do I afford a birth doula?

This is a huge question! I know that people always are thinking about the money part of it. I will say it is a incredibly personal for both the Doula and the client. It is extremely important to chose a doula that you connect with as you are sharing an intimate experience with them. Priceless! Your paying for their time, expertise, knowledge and not to mention their heart as well. Personally I know that I will always remember my clients, its a huge bonding experience. Depending on your doula they have different things they include in their services. Many include prenatal appointments, which that helps prepare you and your family for the upcoming birth. They also include being with the mom for the duration of the labor which can be lengthy. Also include a postpartum visit where they come and discuss how the birth went and help with things you need in the first weeks of being home with a new baby.

Every client gets their time, preparation and care. A lot goes into being there for someone especially for such a rewarding experience.

Some people its difficult to pay for their doula in one lump sum. Completely relatable.

Here are some ideas on how to make it work for you and your family.

1. Add the Doula services to your registry, We all have those family members who have no idea what to buy but want to help. Those are a great way to afford it.

2. Stop eating out. This will save you so much money in the long run or just limiting your eating out.

3. Set up a payment plan with your Doula.

4. Ask family members to donate funds for pre due date holidays.

5. Check and see if your flex spending account will cover doula services. (this is becoming more and more popular)

This is just a few ways that you can help to afford such an amazing thing. While your planning for the baby to be here, plan for your doula too. You will not regret doing it.

A doula for every women who wants one!


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