Birth Photography

Not booking stand-alone Photography sessions currently. Come back 4/2021 for session updates 

The first second into this world, wrinkled little fingers...that first latch...the way your partner supported you. We promise you will never regret having these images preserved for life...

Birth photography provides a documentary story of your birth from the beginning of labor until the moment you hold your sweet baby in your arms. The session includes digital files and my guaranteed on-call time from 38 weeks gestation until the moment the baby arrives (plus 2 hours after!). Option to add on doula services is available as well.

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Free Consult

All-Inclusive Pricing $400* ( Payment Plan)

*Only Birth Photography, no Doula Services

Get ahold of me to start to discuss what you want during your birth for photos.

We’ll set up a casual meeting, in-person, social media video platform, or grabbing some coffee (my treat :)  where we can get to know each other better and discuss in further detail what your birth story looks like. We’ll also take care of some paperwork.  


Upon booking, I provide you with a session guide that includes information to help prepare you for having your birth photographed as well as answer any questions you may have. The guide also includes suggestions on what to bring and to make sure i will capture everything you want me to.  

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Image by Gabriel Tovar

Your Birth Day

Throughout the final weeks of your pregnancy, we will stay in close contact. Once you reach 38 weeks, I am on call & available 24/7 until the baby arrives. During labor, your only job is to focus on your baby, be completely in the moment, and let me do what I do best. Don't worry, I always have a back up professional female photographer, that I trust completely

Your Photos

About 3 weeks after the baby’s arrival, you will receive a link to view your image gallery. And yes, you’ll probably need a kleenex handy! Along with your gallery, you will also have immediate access to download & share your images, you will have full Copywrite privileges

*Please be somewhat flexible with me on this, it can be earlier or a little later also. 

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  • I arrive earlier in your labor to document the beginning of this exciting time, including laboring at home if you wish

  • Coverage extends to the hospital or birthing center and includes up to two hours of new baby bonding and visiting time, which may include weight/measure, footprints, first feeding, and time with guests & more

  • Full resolution digital files of 100 to 125 edited images

  • Web-optimized digital files (for online viewing/sharing)

  • A 10x10 mounted print collage of photos, including your baby's birth statistics

  • Printing rights to all the photos