J.A.R.S Doula Initiative

Not Currently Accepting Applicants:  Apply on 8/2021, still a work in progress

Thank You Sponsors & Donors

The Initiative

The J.A.R.S ( Juneau, Adams, Richland, and Sauk)  County Doula Initiative was started by Doula, Tracie Brecka.  It was her dream to see all women, regardless of economic social status to have the ability to have a doula at their birth but also from the beginnings, when they found out.  The initiative is to bridge the gap between all women from all backgrounds to have a doula to help them and their spouse through their pregnancy, whether it's their first time pregnant or second or more times pregnant. 

Currently, there are no resources around, Sauk, Richland, Juneau, or Adams Counties for Doulas and the women who may benefit from having a non-medical professional to help guide them during their trimesters.  Many Doulas have the resources and knowledge to answer non-medical birth questions and the knowledge to get their clients the medical assistance they need, when they need it, reducing the cost to the healthcare system indefinitely. 

My goal is to find partners, both professional and clinical to help fund this initiative for the quad-county doula initiative.  Education is the most important aspect of this initiative and this is something i am looking forward to! 


Many insurance companies do not cover doula costs, as this cost must be paid out of pocket by the clients.  There are many benefits to having a doula, these are from Yvonne Butler Tobah, M.D from the Mayo Clinic


A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.


For instance, a doula might offer:

  • Attention to physical comfort through techniques such as touch and massage and assistance with breathing

  • Emotional reassurance, comfort, and encouragement

  • Information about what's happening during labor and the postpartum period, including explanations of procedures

  • Help with facilitating communication between you and the hospital staff

  • Guidance and support for loved ones

  • Assistance with breast-feeding


Often, however, a doula's most important role is to provide continuous support during labor and delivery. Although research is limited, some studies have shown that continuous support from doulas during childbirth might be associated with:

  • A decreased use of pain relief medication during labor

  • A decreased incidence of C-sections

  • A decrease in the length of labor

  • A decrease in negative childbirth experiences

A doula might add another opinion to the mix when decisions need to be made about labor and delivery. However, a doula doesn't provide medical advice, nor can she or he change the clinical recommendations of a midwife or an obstetrician. 


The J.A.R.S County Doula Initiative is supported by grants, as well as private gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations. Any donation that you make, whether big or small will make an impact on families here in our communities. 100% of the funds we receive stay local. We provide services to our underserved families at no charge to them. Our goal is to empower and support families and your gift will help us do that.

Who would work with us

  • Community Clinics

  • EMS Services

  • Federal, state, and local government agencies

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers

  • Foundations-Private and Public

  • Grassroots organizations

  • Home Visiting Programs

  • Hospitals

  • Social Service Centers

  • State agencies

  • Tribal Organizations

  • You!

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Sponsor a Mom and Baby

Mothers to be and their spouse, are at the heart of what we do. For $1,000 you can sponsor a mom and baby and make a lasting impact on both. Your gift will provide a doula for the mother, who is there throughout the pregnancy, attends the birth, provides postpartum support and birth photograpghy. They are there to educate, empower, and ease the concerns of the mother and her family. Without these women, our initiative would not exist, and some of the moms we serve would be alone at the birth of their child.

$1,000 – $500 – $250 – $100 – $50 – $25 – $10 – Where it’s needed most

With your gift of any of the above amounts, you are allowing us the freedom to designate the funds where we need it the most.

In Person

We also accept donations of gently used baby and maternity items. You may drop off your gifts or mail them to


Brecka Doula Care LLC

 2035 Winfield Drive, Reedsburg WI 53959