Are you pregnant? Have you considered a doula? 

"She made me feel so safe and supported throughout the entire process. I truly believe I wouldn’t have made it through without her!! AMAZING woman!!"

A doula is someone who is specifically trained to provide emotional, physical, and informational support for during, before and after Labor. I am not medically trained  so I do not do any medical procedures.

Specifically for me that means you will have constant support from me from the day you hire me.  You will be able to reach me by phone and email. Then, I will be with you from when you call me in labor until 2 hours after you have delivered your baby. I am not there to take the place of your partner or replace your mom.  I am there in addition to this, if that’s what you chose. I work with your partner or anyone else that is there to make sure you are comfortable and that they are also.  


It has been proven that with a Doula in attendance to a birth, the rate of a C-Section is cut by 50%.  Also families can experience 25% shorter labor, less need for use of epidural, less need for a forcep delivery, and lower use of oxytocin (Pitocin) during labor.(


Check out the Services section to see what I have to offer. This will expand as my knowledge and experience expands.  

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